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Kushiage without skewers

Originating in Osaka, known as the taste of the
common people “Kushikatsu” is
typically breaded and fried items served on skewers.
The combination of ingredients and cooking creates
the essence method of cooking that is called “Kushiage”.
Kushikatsu has take the Kushiage concept further,
making the most of the ingredients
through careful preperation and letting the natural flavours
resonate much like a sushi restaurant does with the delicate flavours of its dishes.

The name “Kuchikatsu”

The name " Kushikatsu " and our core theme is to create light and
delicate taste no matter how much you eat.
It is our wish that guests can enjoy a vast treasure
of fresh seasonal Japanese ingredients.

Kushikatsu cherishes the sensation of “eating with a bite”,
the special moment the flavours,
scent and textures reverberate in the mouth
and thus the name “Kushikatsu was born .

Let the ingredients sing

We believe that each ingredient has a voice” from freshly caught fish landed at the port the same day to freshly picked vegetables only availble for this season and livestock that has been carefully nurtured and cared for throughout Japan. With such quality ingredients we are obliged to bring ou the best and purest flavours and to honour its integrity. Sea salt, high-quality healthy canola oils, home made bread crumbs are used optimise and compliment the true flavours and textures of the ingredients. The finest materials harmonise with each other resulting in mouthwaterring expression of flavours without the need for complicated technology or overpowerring cooking methods, perfection in simplicty.


A commitment to excellence

We have sourced the healthiest local oils that work with the bodies natural balance, ensuring that the oil is always freshly replaced every each serve. Our unique oil draining technology creates a light texture that does not sit on stomach and in addition, we never use synthetic or chemical seasonings, placing true value in the “umami” from the best natural ingredients.

Private dining

Kushikatsu’s luxury Space In addition to the lively counter seating also features a complete private room and booths perfect for special occasions and entertaining.

The restaurant

Kushikatsu is a vibrant restaurant full of sound and energy, the fizz and crackle of the oil, and the delicious receipes cooked up in front of your eyes if a performance in itself. A space where the sound of wine glasses overlaps the sound of the cooking, the conversation between customers has the culinary atmosphere of live Jazz. Enjoy with your eyes and taste with your mouth ... KushiKatsu is a space that stimulates the senses.

Hiroki Karashima

Born in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1973
Hiroki spent his childhood helping in the
inn of his hometown from his childhood,
it was here where his love of cooking began.

He decided to dedicate himself to "Japanese cuisine"
guided by the blessings of nature and the guidance of
Mr. Shigeo Kaneko (Certificate of Huang Xiaoming).

After studying at the presigious Osaka Sakai Gakuen Cooking School
where he perfected Japanese food culminating
in the reverred kaiseki cuisine.

Omakase course

A bespoke Kushiage menu experience prepared daily by
the chef with the best daily seasonal ingredients. 

¥ 7000 (excluding tax)

7000 Yen Course Meal Typically Contains The Following Items;
Dashi Stock: Homemade Tofu 
2 Cold Dishes With Chopsticks Rest 
14 Aroma Skewers Of Carefully Selected Ingredients Example) Setouchi
Sweet Potato / Sword Squid / Kumamoto Natural Prawn / Asparagus /
Haraki Shiitake Mushrooms From Hiroshima / Awaji Island Peaches
Miyazaki Spf Pork Spatula With Potatoes With Yam Cucumber 
Boiled Noodle Dishes: Yoshino Katsu Somen Soup, Minami Takaume
And Soup Bowl 
Sweets: Today’s Gelato Candy
Herb Tea


TEL. 06-6486-9020
FAX. 06-6486-9022

Opening Times
Lunch 11:30〜15:00 Last Order 13: 30
Dinner 18: 00-22: 00 Last Order 20: 00

Private rooms can be entered by infants. 
Counter seats are limited to elementary school students and above. 
10% service charge for private rooms only. (Dinner time only)
Up to 6 private rooms available with 12 Restaurant counter seats
12 Restaurant counter seats