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Kushiage without skewers

Originating in Osaka, known as the taste of the
common people “Kushikatsu” is
typically breaded and fried items served on skewers.
The combination of ingredients and cooking creates
the essence method of cooking that is called “Kushiage”.
Kushikatsu has take the Kushiage concept further,
making the most of the ingredients
through careful preperation and letting the natural flavours
resonate much like a sushi restaurant does with the delicate flavours of its dishes.

The name “Kuchikatsu”

The name ” Kushikatsu ” and our core theme is to create light and
delicate taste no matter how much you eat.
It is our wish that guests can enjoy a vast treasure
of fresh seasonal Japanese ingredients.

Kushikatsu cherishes the sensation of “eating with a bite”,
the special moment the flavours,
scent and textures reverberate in the mouth
and thus the name “Kushikatsu was born .

Let the ingredients sing

We believe that each ingredient has a voice” from freshly caught fish landed at the port the same day to freshly picked vegetables only availble for this season and livestock that has been carefully nurtured and cared for throughout Japan. With such quality ingredients we are obliged to bring ou the best and purest flavours and to honour its integrity. Sea salt, high-quality healthy canola oils, home made bread crumbs are used optimise and compliment the true flavours and textures of the ingredients. The finest materials harmonise with each other resulting in mouthwaterring expression of flavours without the need for complicated technology or overpowerring cooking methods, perfection in simplicty.